Average. Ordinary.
And pretty lazy.

Average Bears is bringing together people who are, well, average!

NEW BEAR 1.png

Just a quick word from the bears before we start...

Dear CNFT Community,

We know we may appear average and we know that people might do better than us in certain aspects of life, but together we can all make it. This is for everyone who feels they are average, or been called average at any point of their lives. Us bears stand with you!

Yours sincerely, the bears.

Meet the bears

Introducing our team of bears, they don't talk much, but this is what they told us about themselves...


Average Ed

Ironically, I'm not feeling bearish right now!


Average Flo

Wait, are we meant to say something interesting?


Average Troy

Erm, can I go back to hibernating please?!


Average Shane

I'm a bear, that's about it...


(Fan art by Sallvision on discord)

Built for bears,
by bears.

Average Bears aims to provide utility based PFP's that can be recognised universally in the Cardano community, and eventually the entire NFT space. We aim to create a flourishing community, that will will become, well, average!

Some of the bears goals and aspirations:

Create an engaging, flourishing discord community that has direct influence on the direction of the project. A community that drives our project forward.

Average Troy.

Create an NFT that has utility, as well as being usable as a PFP that is both recognisable and captures the imagination.

Average Shane.

I just love bears... oh and NFT's as well.

Average Flo.


The bears have devised a plan, so here it is I guess...


4,444 Average Bears are released

Mint Price - 40 ADA

Mint date- 28/05/2022

Mint time - 22:00 UTC for public.


Average Bears 5 Club

An exclusive club for channel for minters of 5 bears in our first mint. The bears will see you there...


Mutant Average Bears

8,888 Mutant Average Bears, that can only be obtained by owning a Season 1 Average Bear NFT or our public mint.

Want the full roadmap? Head over to our discord, us bears don't bite... yet...

Soon: Explore the world of Average Bears

We aim to make an interactive community where each owner of at least one average bear is incorporated! Each owner will have to look after their own bear(s) though...


We are just getting started.